Let's Be Fronds

For some of us, festivals are tough.

If you've ever felt alone in a room of hundreds of people, if you've ever wanted to strike up a conversation but been stuck in the how or who, we hope this little pin helps.

The Frond Pin lets you opt-in to conversations without saying a word. Wear one to signal that you'd like to join a conversation, or seek out somebody wearing one if you're not sure who to talk to.

If you're a more outgoing person, look for people wearing this pin! They may be too shy or nervous to initiate the conversation themselves.

We hope it helps you meet some really great people this weekend.

The Pins

The pin has a reversible design, allowing the wearer to signal either approachability or a desire to be left alone as they see fit.

Let's be fronds

Looking to make a friend? Find somebody sporting this pin!

See somebody wearing it? Invite them into your conversation!

Leaf me be, please

Need a break? Spin the pin and take a time-out.

See somebody wearing it? Give them some space! Everybody needs a break sometimes.

How do I get a pin?

Ask somebody wearing one if they have some extras, or DM @annika in Slack.

Conversation Starters

Not sure what to say? Try one of these.

Conference-related questions:

General icebreaker questions:

Who did this?

The Frond Pin is a community project by XOXO attendees, but not affiliated with the festival. Initial proposal by Annika, button design by Isar, "Let's Be Fronds" wording by Emily. Many thanks to everyone in the XOXO Slack who made suggestions and helped refine the idea, including many, many people in #x-commons. Printed by Busy Beaver Button Co., Chicago, IL.